Zac EfronAm I the only person older than 18 who is eagerly awaiting the Disney Channel debut of High School Musical 2?

And, yes, I understand that it is a little creepy that I find Zac Effron incredibly dreamy. Hey, at least he’s of age…right? Does that make it any better?

Hmmm…that gives me an idea. I think I have HSM on DVR.




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4 responses to “HSM 2

  1. I watched the first one by myself one evening. I thought it was fantastic! Particularly after having seen Rent in the theater (I desperately wanted someone to poke an ice pick in my brain) I thought this was extremely well done. And very likeable. Can’t wait? Ours is the house the debut party will be at for my 7 year old daughter and many of her friends. I can’t wait!

  2. You’re totally not the only one! Zac Efron is delicious, and I am not ashamed to admit that I am hosting a HSM2 party at my place on the 17th. Check out my Zac Efron Secretly Loves Me page, for all the Zefron news (read: gushing) you can handle.

  3. Peter

    Not any more creepy than if you showed pictures of the two female stars to guys and asked if they found the women attractive, most would say yes.

  4. cowardemo


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