I don’t want your junk germs

sink.gifGuys, is it really THAT much trouble to WASH YOUR HANDS after you go to the bathroom?

I suppose ignorance is bliss…or, at least, it would have been this afternoon.

Today I was at the chiropractor and my doc was running late and I needed to use the restroom so I started walking back toward the bathroom and another patient left one of the adjustment rooms and beat me to the bathroom by about 6 feet. (It’s a small office so there’s only one unisex bathroom).

Anyways, the guy OBVIOUSLY knows there’s someone waiting outside the door to use the restroom… I hear him doing his thing (note: I’m standing about 5 feet away from the door so I don’t look like a stalker and hoping I didn’t have to hear him pee. The door isn’t very thick so I heard it).

I hear the toilet flush and less than 2 seconds later the bathroom door opens and the guy walked down the hall.

*insert gagging noise here*

I walked into the bathroom and looked around for something to close the door with… I found some paper towels and used that to pull the door shut. Luckily, there was a can of Lysol disinfectant spray so I sprayed the heck outta that doorknob.

I’m sorry guys, but, seriously… if you’re going to touch your junk when you pee (which I can only assume is how it works since I don’t have male body parts) … can you PLEASE wash your hands afterwards? I don’t know where your junk has been and, frankly, I don’t care to touch your junk germs.





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4 responses to “I don’t want your junk germs

  1. Vlad the Impaler would prefer if you didn’t refer to him as “junk”. That’s just downright insulting. He prefers “the goods” if you have to use something other than his name.


  2. tell vlad i apologize. kbye.

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  4. germie1

    People are so freakin’ gross. How hard is it to just turn the faucet on and wash your hands. I see so many people come out of bathrooms and NOT wash their hands. It’s sick.


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