How did I pop a rib head?

back-pain.gifI’d like to know, because it happened to me and I can’t for the life of me figure out how it happened.

I went to the chiropractor today (for continued treatment for my ankle sprain) and told him I had been experiencing severe pain in my upper back near the left side clavicle (shoulder blade).

After some examination, I heard him say, “ahh, that’s it.” and before I knew it, he had popped something. It hurt like you would not believe. But then, relief!

He asked me if I felt that. “What do you think?” I replied. (I tend to be pretty sarcastic with my chiropractor because he’s my dad’s cousin). Anyways…he goes on to tell me that I had somehow popped a rib head. In lay man’s terms…that means that somehow one of my ribs popped out of joint — behind my spinal vertebrae rather than in front of it as it should have been.

He told me this can happen in many different ways — and sometimes it even happens in your sleep… (if you move a weird way or whatever).

After doing a little research ala Google, I came across a couple articles about this. The technical term is subluxated ribs.

Anyways…he told me that it would get sore tonight and that I would need to ice it. I can definitely confirm that it is sore…but it’s no where near as painful as it was last night.

Thank goodness for chiropractic care!




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2 responses to “How did I pop a rib head?

  1. phelonyjones

    Yup. happens to me in my upper shoulder all the time. one side more than the other.

  2. blessed84

    I suffer with this rib head popped out more than I would like to admit. I can move furniture all day long and nothing happens, but you let me sit down at my computer to study for more than 30 minutes and out it comes. It is on my right side just even with my shoulder blade. It is extremely painful and last week I went to my Chiropracter 2 times at the tune of 40 dollars a trip. The last time he popped in 3 rib heads, (number 4,7,10). I am still very sore. And try not to stay to long on my computer, but it is nothing like it was. Do you think there is a cure for this or will we always be plagued with it? He told me it comes from holding my right arm in one position for too long at at time and then the sudden jerk to move it pulls out the ole rib head. Mine started about 5 years ago. sometimes I go for months with no problem, then all of a sudden, 2 or 3 times a week.

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